Tripartite Agreement Of 1906

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Under the authority of Menelik`s view of the contract, the best thing Harrington could present was to say that the Ethiopian monarch would not make a formal objection. On Harrington`s proposal, Menelik coldly confirmed the receipt of the treaty, but said that this agreement does not limit what we consider to be our sovereign rights. After receiving Menelik`s notification, the three powers signed the tripartite contract on December 13, 1906. Harrington to Grey, October 12 and December 1 and 5, 1906 and Grey to Clerk, December 13, 1906, FO 371/1. Subsequently, the French negotiated a new concession for the continuation of the railway to the Ethiopian capital, but much more so under the conditions of Ethiopia. The route was finally completed during the First World War and remained the only railway in Ethiopia. 1 Only two scholars have published work on the 1906 three-year contract. Marcus, Harold G., “A Preliminary History of the Tripartite Treaty of Dec.

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Lansdowne minute on the Italian memo, May 23, 1903, FO 1/43; Lansdowne to Bertie, October 8, 1903, FO 403/334. “Memo of Harrington and Rodd on the Anglo-Italian Provisional Agreement, including to Bertie zu Lansdowne, Dec.