In all my business experience the one that stands out is my first experience with an acquisition which was on the client (selling) side. I was the co-founder of an independent consulting firm in the United States specializing in information management.  The company was acquired by EDS, who at the time was a General Motors’ subsidiary.  The biggest lesson I learned is that an effective merger or acquisition requires strong leadership, real-world experience, and a team that knows what they are doing.

Since that time, I have directed many project engagements at the CEO/owner level in numerous client based organizations in the public and private sector.  My responsibilities included start-up and P&L operations for a number of successful businesses across the United States. I have also served in a number of positions in new business development, sales and marketing, general management and as a small business owner. In these roles, I have relied upon my strong strategic planning and team development skills in creating a profitable bottom line.

This all stems from my early experience of marrying at 19 holding down a job while attending college. I started off my career working for a large company, 3M. Presently, I am the managing partner at “The Firm” and sit as Board Chair for the Alternative Board.  I also am the sole owner of United Technology; Taylor of Idaho. That holds as the first acquisition of “The Firm”. This all came about when I moved to Boise from Chicago to run Worldwide Express, a shipping business that my brother and I started (retirement was not my forthcoming).

Several years ago, I decided to apply my practical experience in helping owners by becoming a business broker. I realized that the traditional method of business brokerage was not beneficial to the seller/client.  Traditional business broker model was not pro-active and entirely missed the strategic planning process with an end in mind”.  I started as a single broker, but quickly evolved into “The Firm”.  I felt traditional brokers treat the sale of a business like selling commercial real estate.  However, selling a business is a strategic decision that requires confidentiality, direct council, and effective planning. Many main-street and mid-market businesses rely on their attorneys or accountants to provide them advice on when and how to sell their businesses.  While a critical component of the buy/sell process, the actual selling of a business requires sales and marketing experience.

Based on the factors above, I decided to take a refreshingly different approach by providing high-level and hands-on merger and acquisition guidance for helping business owners position their companies for sale.  To help me in the positioning, I also have aligned The Firm with other highly qualified advisors.  Our team consists of a credentialed and nationally known appraiser, a finance professor, an investment banker and, of course, me as the managing partner of “The Firm”.