Sage Publishing Agreement

Following the recently expired publication agreement with Cambridge University Press, you announce that SAGE is the youngest publisher to join our publishing partnerships program. Click on your country below for a full list of all the magazines that have negotiated eIFL terms for open access publications. Contributor`s Publication Contract Before publication, SAGE requires the author, as the rights holder, to sign the publication agreement of a newspaper contributor. SAGE Journal Contributor`s publication contract for traditional subscription periodicals is an exclusive licensing agreement, which means that the author retains copyright in the work, but gives SAGE exclusive and exclusive rights and publication license for the entire legal duration of copyright. Exceptions may exist where the assignment of copyright is required or preferred by a licensee other than SAGE. In this case, the copyright to the work is transferred by the author to the company. This license allows authors to make open access articles by archiving their free article on the green open access archive route. Authors who have published in a subscription newspaper can do so by filing the accepted version of the article (version 2) in the repository of their own institution. 15. Do I need to sign a contribution agreement when I publish my Open Access article in the SAGE Choice Scheme? If you choose to use your article in a magazine for the SAGE Choice program as an open, you must sign a wise publication agreement.

For more information, see SAGE Choice. At Hindawi, we have developed a publishing partnerships program for the management of open access publishing, which offers a unique plan of collaboration between publishers, which allows us to exchange expertise, systems and open access services for the benefit of all stakeholders involved: the publishers with whom we work and the researchers we serve. The new agreement with SAGE is a so-called “Read-Publish” agreement, a transformative agreement with unlimited publishing and open access rights for SAGE`s hybrid magazines and an additional 20% discount when it is published in SAGE`s fully open-access magazines. The agreement was negotiated by the National Library of Sweden and, in addition to Stockholm University, some 40 other Swedish research institutes chose to participate in the agreement. If you have questions about the open access agreement or publication, please contact us at The publication process is slightly different depending on whether you publish in a subscription journal (hybrid journal) or in a fully open SAGE journal If a journal uses double-blind journals, authors must submit a fully anonymized manuscript with separate coverage. See The corresponding author is the person who signs the publication agreement on behalf of all authors and whose contact information is contained in the article.