Selling your businessIt is common for a business owner to become distracted about the potential buyer and what the buyer might do to the business long before there is even a discussion with the prospective buyer.  Some of the most common concerns of business owners are:

  • The legacy of the name and reputation of the business
  • The price that will be paid
  • The after-tax amount that will be available
  • Whether the transaction will be paid in cash or in a long-term note
  • Potential impacts of the sale to current employees
  • Effects on family members working in the business
  • Paying off the current debt owed by the business
  • Disclosure of trade secrets before the transaction closes
  • The length of time the owner will be required to stay after the sale
  • Etc.

Our advice is not to be preoccupied with these issues at this time.  There will be sufficient time to work on these details during our process.  These burdens should be shifted off your shoulders and onto the shoulders of other people.  We call these people The Dream Team.